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Tronosoft Innovation school administration framework computer program may be a total administration computer program outlined to computerize a school's differing operations from educator profiles, understudy profiles, classes and exams to a calendar of school occasions. This school computer program has turned into a capable online community to bring instructors, guardians and understudies together on a common intelligently stage.

As the driving web and program advancement company, we are a idealize combination of designers and software engineers. who have planned different sorts of web or the desktop based school ERP computer program, which is very advantageous for the understudies, instructors, admin conjointly for guardians. We create quality-oriented modules such as the school scholarly modules, school authoritative modules, administration modules related to back, HR administration or the understudy administration modules as well.

Our program offers you an successful school administration framework modules for the understudies, which incorporates comprehensive points of interest with respect to the diverse division of the schools. This will too offer assistance understudies to communicate with each other and this turns out to be the leading stage for the individuals who crave an open source school administration framework moreover. We have used the progressed and one of a kind innovation to create the school administration computer program for distinctive schools. You'll check Demo..

This specific school administration framework needs the most excellent ERP program for great working and makes strides the in general adequacy of schools quickly. The total administration of the school is taken to the unused level through these softwares furthermore instruction framework gets moved forward to the center. It moreover disposes of the long errands of data generation through the organization as such. The most point of our engineers is to supply the most excellent usefulness with one of a kind school administration computer program for the understudies, guardians and instructors to disentangle the every day schedule assignment and to prohibit the tedious assignments.

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Different Modules of Tronosoft Technology School Management Software

Our Core Modules


School Administration

To oversee school day to day could be a fragile errand and it expends a lot of time and this computer program makes a difference to preserve the school information, oversee secret data and ensures watchword.


Fee Collection

Those days are gone when guardians got to stand in line to store the expenses. Presently guardians can store the expenses through school administration framework computer program and get the Printed receipt through mail, Halfarly/Annual expenses statement


Account Management

To preserve the back of any school is truly a difficult task as bookkeeper have to be keep the updation for each single penny and information is completely secure and it has Up to date account reports


Admission Procedure

It makes the affirmation prepare basic and successful and it is accommodating for the guardians as they can know the method, Date and timing are plan, can have take after ups and it programmed create numbers..


Attendance Management

Generally time of instructors devour to require the every day participation and to calculate it at the conclusion of the year. THis computer program is connected with the Biometric machine and they get Daily/Monthly and annually participation report.


Student Details

To oversee understudies information is the most errand for any instructive organized because it oversee understudies individual data, execution and records.


Employee Details

It handles all the data around the representative such as individual and proficient.


Time Table Design

To get ready the school time table is the troublesome errand, time table plays the noteworthy part for the schools and it ought to be appropriate as well as this program plan plan time table.


Parents Portal

These days web is quickly utilize and for guardians too, it is basic to have the updation of their understudies. Guardians are empowered to see the scholarly and participation report.


School Transport

To preserve the fund of any school is truly a difficult task as bookkeeper ought to keep the updation for each single penny and information is completely secure and it has Up to date account reports


Certificate Management

The school administration software package is empowered to oversee the execution of the understudies.


Library Management

The curator has got to put a parcel of endeavors to oversee the book and the record with school administration framework it comes about in composed administration.

Advantages Of Our School Management System Software

Various benefits for the school management system software

Easy to Use

The online school managements system software is very easy to operate. Users don’t need any specified degree or particular skills to use it.

Secure Software

The software details are fully secure and confidential. No third party can interfere and the history can be viewed by the panel.

Low Cost

To develop the school management software is not of high cost. The software is available at the affordable cost.

Multiple Management

Software manage the various campus managements and various tasks performs on one platform.

Better Communication

School Management Software has made the communication better and reduce the gap between parents and teachers.

Backup Facility

School administration framework computer program offers the back up office to the schools, they don’t have any fear on losing their information, they are continuously qualified to recoup information.

Bulk SMS Facility

SMS is perfect way">the most perfect way to trade the data or to send the updates, this computer program gives the office of sending the SMS to the clients.

Payroll System

Presently administration don’t have to be spend their most of the time on calculating number of hours and how numerous hours does a representative work. The framework itself calculates the working and tells the sum itself.


School administration framework computer program oversee the participation of understudies and instructors itself. Instructors and administration don’t need to squander the time to require the participation.

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School administration framework program offers the back up office to the schools, they don’t have any fear on losing their information, they are continuously qualified to recoup information.


The back framework is for 24 hours to serve and the employe, instructors and understudy can utilize the stage at whatever point they require.

Multiple Language

Any one can use this software, as it is available in multiple languages.

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